William S. Ostrie II

2002 Small Sculptures, presented table-top bronze and limestone pieces, Galeria Jan, La Jolla, CA.
2001 Drawings and Sculpture, presented large drawings and limestone sculptures, Carlsbad Village
Art & Antique Mall
1/99 Figurative Drawings, two-person show, Albers Gallery, Memphis, TN.
3/98 The Queen, presented limestone sculpture, Stone Sculptors Supplies, Escondido, CA.

Bodies of Work
2003 Drawings for Ecstasty, small studies on paper for lifesize marble sculpture.
2003 Marble Sculptures, small expressive figurative works in marble.
2003 Maquettes and Studies, various small works in plaster and bronze executed as studies for stone sculpture.
1998-2003 Figurative Stone Sculptures, 7 works in limestone, 16"-24" high.
1998 Figurative Drawings, series of 30"x44" and 6"x9" drawings for show at Albers Gallery.
1997 Ink Wash drawings, series of rapid, expressive, life-size figure drawings in ink wash.

Commissioned Works/Work Experience/Honors
2002 Commissioned sculpture, small bronze for Westwind Corp., Del Mar, CA.
2001 Commissioned drawing, large charcoal on gessoed canvas work for Doug and Melisa Schwarm.
2000 Commissioned sculpture, 2' high limestone piece for Wendy Jack.
3/99 Commissioned drawings, 6"x9" charcoal pencil on paper, Albers Gallery, Memphis, TN.
10/98 Commissioned drawing, 30"x44" chalk on paper, Albers Gallery, Memphis, TN.
9/98 Commissioned drawing, large Conte on canvas work for sculptor Julie Warren Conn.
7/98 Invited Sculptor, Tennessee Marble Symposium, Knoxville, TN.
3-7/98 Sculpture Assistant, San Diego Art Casting Institute, San Diego, CA. Worked on building armature and applying clay to monumental sculpture by A. Wasil.

2002-Present Classes at Watts Atelier of the Arts, Encinitas, CA.
1995-7 Studied Fine Arts at Portland Community College and Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR.
1990 B.A. Mathematics, Portland State University, Portland, OR.

After I graduated with a Math degree in 1990, my brother and I started a clothing company. Designing casual wear and logos lead me back to school for art classes, where I got hooked on life drawing with an excellent teacher, Robert Dozono. I was also working as a handyman/contractor, and doing a lot of cycling and skiing. Somehow this all coalesced into a desire to make figurative sculpture, which was ignited in a stone carving workshop in 1997 with sculptor Doug Neil. I carved my first piece so fast that the instructor thought I was just headed towards a pile of rubble, and was happily surprised at the male torso I came up with. I've continued working to increase my knowledge and power of expression, improve my technical abilities, and refine my vision of what I want to acheive in sculpture..

Statement of Purpose - Drawings
Using a model and taking a process-oriented approach, I like to build a drawing on a combination of my ideas, what the model brings to the pose, and the serendipity of the moment. I like to make drawings that carry a lot of energy in the mark-making and re-create a visual experience. Some characteristics that often come through in my drawings are a sense for balance in the figure and composition, a tactile/sculptural approach, and a certain intensity of expression. Underneath my use of the figure resides the sense that we are our bodies (as opposed to merely inhabiting them).

Statement of Purpose - Sculpture
In carving figures in stone, I work in a vigorous manner, freely interpreting my initial drawings and maquette to intensify expression and charge the stone with life. I work all around a piece, striving to create an organic whole, peeling off a layer at a time. The end form is arrived at by carving rather than being exactly predetermined. Tool marks retain the energy of the process, and lead the eye around the piece. Roughness and incompleteness allude to the passage of time and to human frailty, while monumental and athletic characteristics of the work express hope in our durability in the face of lifes mysteries and in our ability to rise to meet life's challenges. Each sculpture aims to be a kind of visual poem about some aspect of human experience. Some themes I have addressed are love, ecstasy, rapture, power, striving, contemplation, and grief. Sometimes a sculpture has no named theme but nevertheless express a certain feeling which seems very particular even though it remains unnamed.

Gallery Representation
Galeria Jan, La Jolla, CA. (858) 551-2053.
Albers Gallery, Memphis, TN. (901) 683-2256.

Carlsbad Village Art & Antique Mall, Carlsbad, CA (760) 730-9494.