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photo: Julie Bonsack, 2005.
"Encinitas Hills", 9'x13', acrylic on canvas panels mounted on wall,
Feldenkrais Movement Center, Encinitas, California.

Mary Debono at Feldenkrais Movement Center (debonosense.com) had a problem - her spacious but windowless office felt cramped, not providing an ideal environment for her and her clients. Now, a scenic mural on one wall visually opens up the space, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and well-being. Compare the before and after photos below!

before after      
Murals are a very practical form of decoration which can enliven any wall or space, bringing daily pleasure in a home, and making a business more memorable and charming. They can:

* visually open up a closed area
* beautify an ugly or drab wall
* evoke a specific place, time, or theme; set a particular mood
* transform any space or wall into a unique reflection of its owner's taste.
* rented space can be improved with removeable artwork.

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  Tropical scene creating a bright corner inside Carlsbad Village Art & Antique Mall    
    Sample of broken plaster over bricks effect.

Details of Deep Sea, 7'x13',
Laughbaum Residence,
North San Diego County.

Giant squid is approximately 6' long!

Deep Sea photos: Sara Bright, 2005.
        Faux tile mermaid backsplash, North County residence.                    
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