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are imaginary creatures that my daughter Jacaranda and I invented while goofing around one day.

The thing about Kazoozles is that some are poisonous and some are not. The poisonous ones have a yellow star on the bottom of one foot.

If you can't see the bottoms of both feet, you really can't be sure of what kind of Kazoozle you're dealing with! You might be in for a playful encounter, or you could be in danger.

If you are touched by a poisonous Kazoozle, the touch of a non-poisonouse Kazoozle will set you right again. We have invented many Kazoozles and related games. Some the noted types are: stripey, plain, spotted, and double (sometimes also called "double-headed").

Drop me an email if you are interested in a Kazoozle t-shirt, painting, or print!

-Bill Ostrie